Suber - Art Direction + Design

Spirit Seam

VFX Animation

Visual Effect work for the short film “The Spirit Seam.” A combination of stop-motion, 2-D and 3-D, our task was to create the smoke and sparkles that connote either happiness or illness depending on the situation at hand.

written & DIRECTED BY Ashley Gerst / USA

CLIENT: Ashley Gerst

ROLE: Visual effects animator


Cast: Donald Poynter as Pappaw and Mia Kain as Pollywog

Color Development: Laura Charles

Storyboard/Animatic: Ashley Gerst and Benjamin Morse

Set Design and Construction: Ashley Gerst

VFX: Emily Suber

Construction Assistants: Emily Suber, Mieka Lewis, Sonia Garbes-Putzel, Yutah S., Allan B., Jaime Ekkens, Benjamin Morse, Vicky Leta, Elisha Dora, Jane Gorton, Belle Pedid, Jackie Moss, Rose Pedid, Janet Simek, Polly Baker, Christine Glasby, Eloise Glasby, Austin Glasby, Adri Nerone, Megan Kern, Cassandra Lagunzad Brown and Tori Septien

Digital Fabrication: Jasper Lin

Animators: Ashley Gerst, Adam Momsen and Morgan Taylor

Illustration Artists: Benjamin Morse, Annabelle Pedid and Vicky Leta

Children’s Drawings: Olivia Tucker and Mia Kain

Interior Set & Character Modeling: Ashley Gerst and Michael Somoza

Vehicle Modeling and Rigging: Chris Murphy

Graphics and Title Design: Benjamin Morse

Sound Design: Jake Mautner and Jasper Lin


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